This is really, really sad. I’m sorry people treat you that way fat people. Does anyone have any advice for me on trying to make sure my behavior so that I don’t ever discriminate against fat people, because I’ve only become aware of any real prejudice against them really and I’m concerned I may be contributing to that without realising.


  • Don’t use the word “fat” as a synonym for anything negative. Or anything at all. “Fat” is an adjective. It is a body type. In the same way that thin means thin and tall means tall, fat means fat. That being said, a lot of fat people feel shamed and don’t claim the word to describe their bodies, so you should make sure it’s okay with them first. 
  • Don’t call yourself fat unless you are fat. 
  • When fat people complain about size-specific problems, this is your cue to listen. Don’t say “but thin people…” because that’s generally someone’s way of saying that fat issues aren’t important, but thin people’s are. 
  • Know that someone’s body size does NOT determine their character, success, intelligence, or lifestyles. 
  • Know that fat does not automatically mean unhealthy, but even if it did, it would not be your business to talk to that person about your health, unless they consented you to do so.

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When it comes to feminism, I aim to acknowledge intersectionality and the fact that all people have lived experiences, even when they are privileged.

The trouble is, every now and then a thin person comes along and says “but one time someone told me to eat a sandwich and…

Love the last line.