Hyperrealistic paintings by Robin Eley



KwangHo Shin


Finger Paintings by Paolo Troilo

By using nothing more than black and white paint and the hands he was gifted with Paolo Troilo is able to create incredibly expressive portraits that are bursting with energy. Although these portraits are of himself, he insists these are not self portraits, and that they are “portraits of human beings translated to a male body”. Sometimes the figures face is visible, sometimes obstructed, but their emotions are something we can all relate to. I’ve embedded a nice video below that gives a more in depth look into his work.

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KwangHo Shin

(89) untitled, 2013, oil on canvas

Untitled, 2013, charcoal on canvas

(92) untitled, 2013, oil on canvas


People as canvases by Alexa Meade

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Alive Without Breath by Keng Lye 

Justin Gaffrey

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Caux Collective Introduces: Erik Olson

Some artists enjoy painting the things around them; the ordinary or the mundane, simply recording it how it appears. Others enjoy painting the surreal or things that may only have otherwise existed in dreams or foreign thoughts. Then there are those who ingeniously and beautifully merge the two, such as Canadian Fine Artist, Erik Olson. Throughout his project named ‘Architecture of the Face’ Olson’s work explores portraiture in an extraordinary fashion in which details and specific characteristics are often retained, whilst also experimenting with geometric irregularities and distortions, making for some very strange, almost disturbingly beautiful results.

If you would like to see more of Erik Olson’s artwork, including information regarding past and present exhibitions, as well as many other projects exploring the likes of space and foreign continents, head over to his website, as linked at the beginning of this post.

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4ft x 4ft


4ft x 4ft


Recent work by Francoise Nielly.