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idk maybe im just a frugal grody bitch but i think the “use within a week” guideline on hummus containers is total bullshit. like, more bullshit than other “use by” dates. 

…im probably gonna die by eating rancid hummus someday


irl im very shy and timid. im like a small animal. approach me calmly with a snack

I don’t want to sound terrible (i.e. presumptuous), but I literally didn’t know that everyone else didn’t know that Ellen Page was gay. 

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tell me why i searched “flat twist updo”,minding my own damn black business,trying to up my hair gameand this hairless, white, unborn-fetus-looking baby is in the related videos
tell me why

tell me why i searched “flat twist updo”,
minding my own damn black business,
trying to up my hair game
and this hairless, white, unborn-fetus-looking baby is in the related videos

tell me why

Just made the BOMB french toast with banana, vanilla almond milk, and coconut milk.

It was delicious and I used challah bread, so I decided to cook most of the loaf and freeze some for later this week! :D

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Henna update

I didn’t take any pictures cause I’m lazy but the henna did elongate my curl pattern ever-so slightly (I am 4b mostly). However, it only did so when wet and once my hair dried it had returned to it’s normal curl pattern. It elongated it about as much as naptural85s beach curls video so it wasn’t a huge deal at all. It made my hair feel stronger but in hindsight I think I just really needed some protein in my hair, and since henna mimics a protein tx I think that is what made my hair feel stronger, not the henna itself. My hair did feel extremely dry even after the deep conditioning tx, but it felt much better once i put my leave in (jane carter curl defining cream) and shea butter mix in. My hair felt soft and strong. I have one more pack of henna left to use, so I will probably do another tx after I take my marley twists/braids out.

Henna for natural hair!

Ay! I’m so excited, I finally got to henna my hair today! I used 90% coconut milk (mainly the creamy thick part at the top of the can), some coconut oil, and just a couple drops of fresh lemon juice. I used about 1 1/2 cans of coconut milk. I didn’t use gloves, and I couldnt find an old towel that I didn’t care about, or vaseline to protect my hair line/ears/neck but it wasn’t nearly as messy as most people I’ve seen have been saying it is.

My mix was really thick and stuck to itself really well (not sure if that’s normal) but due to that it didn’t really get anywhere on my sink/floor. There were two spots that I had to clean and they didn’t stain the white tile/porcelain (or whatever our sink is made of) at all. I didn’t wear gloves so my hands nails are a little orange on the palm side, but you really can’t tell that much, and I personally don’t think itll stain that long because I washed my hands a bunch. But I might be wrong. Either way, I really don’t care that much. I got some on my ears and neck but it dried up and as far as I can tell didn’t leave a stain. I cleaned my ears/neck after I finished putting the henna in.

It probably took me 20 minutes to apply which is AWESOME. I did it on a twistout so my hair was already detangled and a little stretched.  the henna was so thick and heavy it really weighed my hair down for most of it so it made the application a LOT easier (virtually no shrinkage). I’m gonna leave it in for 4 hours, or as long as I can stand (at least two) then rinse it out and if i feel like i have to, deep condition. 

If all goes well I might post a tutorial on it. The way I did it was pretty easy/mess-less and particularly conducive to lazy peeps such as myself.

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eeee i ordered henna! im so excited.

on a related note: my hair has been going through somethin’ terrible, y’all. i really hope this helps it. I think it might be my wash routine cause i started co-washing whereas before i just used terresentials/acv rinse and moisturized out of the shower. idk. i couldnt find a natural conditioner i really liked (that wasnt like twenty bucks a bottle).

I need more

this shall be my mission

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+ I was so excited I was gonna be able to go to outfest this year cause i won’t be in school but then I remembered
- I have no one to go with and that seems like something that wouldn’t be fun alone and 

damn you sunday scheduleeeee

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philly trans* march was cool. there were performers which i didn’t know there would be. there may have been drag queens but im not entirely sure because no one explicitly stated that. ive never seen drag queens perform before (until today, maybe). they lip-sang (idk if thats a thing or what) but it was entertaining. they had some audio problems towards the end which was kind of sad but all in all it was nice. i really liked the drummers.

 i talked to 1 person which is a 100% increase on the number of people (not counting speakers) i talked to at slutwalk. i would say that counts as improvement. i at least was able to think about things i could say to start a conversation which is more than i can say for slutwalk. the only reason i talked to that one person too is because they introduced themselves and sat next to me to initiate the conversation. but whatever, im upwardly mobile, y’all.

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the color run was fun despite my unhappy face and moldy skin

It feels so awesome to have a job. A real person job. With real money. I just bought train tickets to see a friend and didn’t feel like death paying so much for a ticket, nor did I feel guilty that someone else had to pay for me. I got to pay for it, by myself, with money that I worked for. That is such an awesome feeling, and it’s such a shame that more people don’t have the opportunity to experience it. I feel very lucky that I do.

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oh yeah i did my hair

oh yeah i did my hair